When this site was a blog I never wrote anything on it, so now it's just somewhere I'm going to play with fun technology. To that end, in order to render its less-than-ten views, this website so far uses:

  • Isomorphic React/React-Router
  • Webpack
    • In particular a really excellent plugin called static-site-generator which allows me to serve this site statically, statelessly, and free from Github Pages.
  • CSS Modules, PreCSS, PostCSS
  • Automatic loading, reading, parsing, and inserting of Markdown files as posts
  • Flow, Eslint, Stylelint, Jest, Istanbul, Codacy for code quality
  • Build pipeline via hosted Travis CI
  • Yarn
  • Immutable.js
  • Exciting CDN, TLS, DNSSEC, and Caching things from Cloudflare
  • Offline/Progressive Web App technology (a Service worker and an App Manifest)
  • Other

The source is here if you want to check it out.